New York Islanders Josh Ho-Sang Always Under Microscope

Joshua Ho-Sang #66 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Joshua Ho-Sang #66 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Josh Ho-Sang missed a day of the New York Islanders training camp for personal reasons. And because of it, we’re jumping to conclusions.

On Saturday, Josh Ho-Sang wasn’t at the New York Islanders training camp. The club officially indicated that the reason was a “personal day”. But there seems to be some doubts.

First things first, Ho-Sang has been at fault before in training camp. Famously, at the Islanders 2014 training camp, his first for the team, Ho-Sang slept in on day one. Garth Snow sent him back to the OHL immediately.

That was his introduction to the New York Islanders, after a full summer of headlines telling us that Ho-Sang beats to his own drum. We wanted to believe that his potential attitude wouldn’t be an issue when he got here when he was part of an NHL team.

More Than A Personal Day

From that first day of training camp, Josh Ho-Sang’s time with the New York Islanders has continued to be rocky. With a return to the OHL in 2015, a number of healthy scratches in the AHL in 2016, and then being sent back down to the AHL just last season after 22 games in the NHL.

So now, when Ho-Sang is mysteriously absent this early in the training camp for a “personal day”, it raises some eyebrows. Is this a return to form for Ho-Sang? Even though he’s told anyone who that he’s ready to listen and be the player the New York Islanders want him to be.

The jump in logic is easy to make. Josh Ho-Sang missed a day of training camp and everyone from Lou to Barry Trotz is being cagey about it, it mustn’t be a good reason.

Maybe its naive on my part but we know exactly nothing about the circumstances of this personal day. What we do know is that, by all accounts, there’s no grey area with Lou Lamoriello. If that’s true it’s hard to believe that Lou is ready to swipe a Josh Ho-Sang misstep under the rug.

Ho-Sang participated in the scrimmage with the rest of team blue.

Maybe there’s more to this story. But at this point, it seems much-ado-about-nothing. And even as though there’s a form of confirmation bias at play.

Even before Josh Ho-Sang was drafted by the New York Islanders he was placed under the microscope. That’s what happens when you state that you’ll be the best player in your draft within three years. even though you aren’t a lock for the first-round.

Because of that, whenever something happens, however minute and insignificant, it can be blown out of proportion. That’s likely what’s going on here. Much-ado-about-nothing.

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There could be just as easily be nothing going on here but Josh Ho-Sang needing a personal day, for whatever reason. It’s personal. But it doesn’t seem like we’ve allowed ourselves to give him the benefit of the doubt.