Islanders Community Steps Up For Offside Tavern

While the New York Islanders haven't played a game in a week, the community is still as tight-knit as ever during these difficult times.

St. Patrick's Day is always one of my favorite days of the year. Go figure, with a last name like O'Leary it's pretty easy to see why I love the holiday. It's a celebration of Irish heritage and it's a day where everyone can go to their local bar, dress in green, listen to some bagpipes and have a pint of their favorite beverage. Not this year.

This year is different. With the Coronavirus, people are advised to stay in their homes and President Trump suggested that people not gather in groups of 10 or more. Naturally, that cuts the bar out of the equation.

While it's been difficult with no sports, no Islanders hockey to write about or talk, it's been even harder on local businesses who are feeling the effects of the coronavirus. I'm not that unaware, there's a lot more important things going on in this world than some blogger who doesn't have anything to write about.

It is ironic though, that on a day like St Patrick's Day, likely one of the biggest days of a year for bars, the closures go into effect. Unfortunately, that's the reality that we live in right now during these uncharted waters.

Yesterday, the Islanders community stepped up in a big way for one of their own. Concern grew from the community about Offside Tavern. They're an Islander bar in Chelsea, if you haven't been there I'm sure you've seen the MSG commercial or maybe heard one of your favorite podcasts doing a live show from there.

Offside is a big part of our Islander community, and Isles fans rose to the occasion. Offside put out this message on Twitter:

Included in the heartfelt and honest message was their Venmo, which if you can you should consider supporting.

I think what makes me proudest to be an Islander fan is the community. Yes, sometimes we fight and sometimes there's drama, like any family, but at the end of the day when one of our own needs some help we step up.

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Islander fans are the best fans in the world, I truly mean that. Hopefully, when this mess is over, I can meet up with you guys at Offside, watch some Islanders hockey, and just have things go back to normal. Man, we could use some normal now.