Islanders Have Optimism Heading Towards July

There’s plenty of optimism as the New York Islanders get ready to return to the ice.

The NHL will move to Phase 3 in their plan to reopen on July 10th. This would mean the New York Islanders and all other teams can open their training camps on the 10th.

July and the NHL are usually synonymous with free agency. In any normal year we would be crowning a Stanley Cup Champion around this time, and anxiously waiting for the draft and for free agency window to open.

Free agency hasn’t been a star-studded affair for the Islanders. Last year they were in the mix for prized free agent Artemi Panarin, but he would end up signing with the rival Rangers for less money.

This July is going to be much different. Instead of gearing up for next season, the Isles and 23 other teams, will be resuming their season looking to be Stanley Cup Champions. Though the Isles were struggling before the season came to a halt, they should be very optimistic if the season is able to continue.

Islanders Injury-Bug

Along with struggling on the ice, the Isles were also dealing with injuries. Most notably to Adam Pelech, who was injured before a game against the Devils on January 2nd. The Islanders were a totally different team without Pelech in the lineup.

Pelech will be a welcomed sight to see back and can start the Islanders push for the Cup. The Isles will of course be matched up against the Florida Panthers, the first team the Isles have had postseason success against since 1993.

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This has certainly been a strange year, but if the NHL season can resume as planned, the New York Islanders have a chance to make the most out of it.