Islanders: Ilya Sorokin Joins Team In Toronto

Ilya Sorokin #90 of the CSKA Moscow (Photo by Anna Sergeeva/ Getty Images)
Ilya Sorokin #90 of the CSKA Moscow (Photo by Anna Sergeeva/ Getty Images) /

Islanders prized prospect, Ilya Sorokin joined the team in Toronto after quarantining on Long Island since his arrival to the US.

For years we’ve been dreaming of seeing Ilya Sorokin in an Islanders sweater. Well, yesterday we were sort of blessed with getting our first look. Sorokin has made the trip and joined the Isles up in Toronto.

Since he was signed in July, we’ve understood that Sorokin can join the team for practices but he’s ineligible to play in the NHL return to play. Tuesday was the first day we were able to see Sorokin on the ice.

He was wearing an Islanders practice jersey and he even had a mask and pads made up already. Take a look for yourself:

To quote the all-time classic ‘Rudy’ “This is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen.”

For four years, we heard about the heroics of Ilya Sorokin. The white whale analogy is truly spot on in the sense that he was nearly this mythical creature that the Islanders had no shot of ever landing.

That all changed in 2018 when Lou Lamoriello took over the team, as it was rather well documented that Sorokin had no interest in coming with Garth Snow in charge (could you blame him).

When you have Lou Lamoriello in charge with Barry Trotz and Mitch Korn as bargaining chips it’s pretty hard to turn that away if you’re a young goalie looking to cash in.

Sorokin is using this RTP to burn his one-year ELC and next year he will be under contract for a $2 million hit before becoming an RFA. We’re going to have to wait a few months before we see him in action but this little preview was enough to hold us over for now.

By the way, the irony of Sorokin wearing Garth Snow’s number is just perfect. Get Captain Ahab on the horn, we secured the white whale.