Islanders Share Heartwarming Homecoming Reactions

Jordan Eberle #7 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Jordan Eberle #7 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

When the Islanders returned home they were met by their family and pets. It’s the perfect heartwarming video.

Well, the Islanders are home. It didn’t end with a Stanley Cup victory but it was a good run and the fans were extremely proud of the work that the boys did. We wrote about the greeting the team received earlier this week.

The fans weren’t the only one who had a big reaction to the team coming home. In fact, the babies and pets loved to see their dads as well.

Here’s some cuteness on your Sunday night:

First, we start with Matt Martin. Matty seeing Winnie for the first time in months nearly melted my heart. I could not imagine being a father and leaving my newborn at home for two months for work.

The sacrifice these guys made is really respectable, it’s not an easy thing. Jax, the Martin family dog, also seemed excited to see his dad come back home as well and he wasn’t the only furry friend that was excited.

Anders Lee, Scott Mayfield, and Adam Pelech also were greeted by their furry friends. If you noticed, Pelech had a cast on his wrist at the end.

Unfortunately, Pelech’s bubble stay was cut short after suffering an injury in Game 5. He somehow powered through the remainder of Game 5 before being scratched for Game 6. We’ll monitor his recovery closely this offseason.

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While there tends to be a lot of hate in our world right now, and on social media, these feel good videos always seem to be a hit. Come on, if we can’t agree on puppies and babies being cute than 2020 is more doomed than I thought.