Islanders: Explaining The Reverse Retros

New York Islanders Anthony Beauvillier #18 (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Islanders Anthony Beauvillier #18 (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Taking a look at the reverse retros and what we could see for the New York Islanders in 2020-2021 with this jersey.

If you like alternate jerseys well you’re in luck. According to icethetics, the NHL will be getting a fourth jersey to wear on special occasions called the reverse retros. All 31 teams will be getting a jersey and they will be worn once or twice a year in rivalry matchups.

The NHL loves the spectacle of the outdoor games but due to COVID, the likelihood of having them in 2020-2021 is pretty slim so they had to come up with a new plan. It appears like the reverse retros are the stop-gap option.

The design for the Flyers and Penguins leaked, and to be honest with you both are definitely intriguing options.

The Penguins is a nod to the 90s while the Flyers are resurrecting a look from the 1980s for their jersey. Will the Islanders go bold and do something with the fisherman jersey? I would be absolutely stunned but they should.

If I had to guess, I’d say we’re likely to see a white jersey of the current alternates or some kind of orange jersey. I’m a huge fan of the orange thirds from the early 2000s and would love a more modern look of orange.

If I know Lou Lamoriello and company like I think I do, I don’t think we see a jersey that is “out there”. I think it’ll be simple, and safe like the current thirds which are fine but don’t really move the needle forward a ton for a lot of people.

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Are the reverse retro jerseys a money grab? Absolutely, but in today’s market, I’m all for trying to think of ways to make more revenue for the league especially if gate receipts aren’t an option for 2020-2021.