Islanders Players As Halloween Candy

With Halloween coming up tomorrow, let’s take a look at New York Islanders players if they were Halloween candy.

Halloween is here which means it’s time to eat truckloads of candy and dress up as Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin. It’s a great time for people of all ages to enjoy, and with no hockey around I wanted to do something fun this year.

I wanted to go through some different players on the Islanders and assign them to different Halloween candies. The assignments will be based on both personality and skillset, and an explanation will be provided for each one.

So without further ado let’s jump into it:

Matt Martin – Lemonhead

A hard candy, that packs a punch with its sour taste. Lemonheads are resilient, they’re hard to get down. An underrated candy, that is also a fan favorite, the perfect analogy for Matt Martin.

Mat Barzal – Full-Size Candy Bar

Everyone loves when you get the full-size candy bars! They’re the best and you’re lucky to have one of them in your candy bag just like you’re lucky to have Mathew Barzal on your team.

Michael Dal Colle – Candy Corn

Based on appearance, you’d expect them to be good but they’re very underwhelming. Kind of like a top-five pick that turns into a depth player.

Adam Pelech – Reese’s Cup

Essential, reliable, and a necessity to a bag of candy on Halloween. It’s nearly as important as a shutdown defensemen.

Leo Komarov – Pennies

You ever go to a house and get pennies instead of candy? That’s the worst! There’s no use for them in your candy bag, nobody asked for this. Sorry, Uncle Leo.

Cal Clutterbuck – Jawbreaker

Does this one even have to be explained? Like Cal, jawbreakers are hard-hitting and difficult to play against (or chew against).

Anders Lee – Skittles

A classic, everyone likes Skittles like everyone likes the captain Anders Lee. Never disappointing to find a pack of these bad boys in your bag.

Barry Trotz – Smarties

The smartest guy in the room. It’s only fitting that he gets attached to the name of the candy that has smart in the title.

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