Islanders Fans, Did TSN Just Troll Us?

With a simple, otherwise harmless question, TSN just trolled Islanders fans unintentionally. Or was it unintentional at all?

I love a good old fashioned troll job, even if I’m on the receiving end of one. TSN, which is Canada’s leading sports network, seemed to troll Islanders fans with a thought-provoking tweet that they fired off today.

The Tweet asked, “Which player leaving for another team in free agency in any sport made you angry?” Ha! I wonder what Islanders fans had to say on the subject.

Yes, now going on 2.5 years ago, John Tavares decided to stick the finger to the team that drafted him and bolt to Toronto for chillier pastures. The move came as a shock to Islanders fans, as he expressed his desire to stay countless times.

No seriously, Lighthouse Hockey had an entire series on it that spanned from 2016-2018. Whenever given the opportunity J.T. said time and time again that he’d stay, Wolf of Wallstreet style.

Naturally, a ton of animosity was and still is thrown his way from Islander fans. So when TSN tweeted that out today the response from Islanders fans was…well, as expected.


I’m not sure if it was purposely done or not by TSN to troll Islanders fans, as their network is very hockey and more specifically Maple Leafs-centric. Get a rise out of a small but passionate fanbase when there’s no hockey going on? Brilliant!

The irony of it all is since John Tavares has gone to the Maple Leafs the Islanders have more points, more wins, more playoff series wins (4-0), a Jennings Trophy, a Jack Adams Award, and a GM of the Year award. Things have gotten much better on Long Island?

Up north? Well, it’s more of the same. Getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs, strong regular seasons, and articles from the Toronto media questioning the compete level of *insert high-priced player here*.

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So maybe it’s Islanders fans who are getting the last laugh? Until one of these teams wins a cup I don’t think we’ll have a clear winner. But through two years, it’s leaning towards the Islanders.