Islanders: Toronto Maple Leafs getting rid of another Lou Lamoriello rule

Lou Lamoriello of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Lou Lamoriello of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Toronto Maple Leafs are moving on from one of the last remaining rules imposed by now New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello.

Lou Lamoriello runs his team according to a certain ideology. That ideology has helped him become a Hall of Fame manager. After his three year run as the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs came to an end, Lou brought that ideology and the rules that accompany it to the New York Islanders.

In season facial hair; gone. The same goes for long hair. Numbers above 30 for non-vets; gone. Lou doesn’t talk to the media (unless he wants to). And Lou doesn’t like for his assistant coaches to speak to the media.

The Leafs have already removed most of those rules. This year, it sounds like they’ll let assistant coaches speak with the media.

Lou’s Way

The Leafs held onto that rule until this year. At a recent Q&A Leafs GM Kyle Dubas indicated that he’s sure his assistants – Dave Hakstol, Paul McLean, Manny Malhotra – could stay on the same message.

That’s the reason for the rule after all. Lou doesn’t like to create needless chatter about his team or create needless drama from coaches and assistant coaches stating different stories, even if just accidentally.

That’s why the only people that speak to the media from the Islanders are Lou (President and GM) and Head Coach Barry Trotz. That’s it.

I get why Lou has the rule but it would be great to hear from some of the Islanders assistants at times. Wouldn’t it be great to hear from special teams coach Jim Hiller on what’s happening with the power play? Is there a reason for the “super dump” power play zone entry scheme the Isles use for no particular reason?

Don’t get me wrong, hearing Barry Trotz speak is always a treat, but it’s different when you hear it from the assistant directly responsible.