Islanders Highlight: Oliver Wahlstrom shows off world-class shot

At the 2018 draft, the New York Islanders selected Oliver Wahlstrom with the eleventh overall pick. The product of the US National Development Program was a natural goal scorer with a lethal shot. In his draft year, Wahlstrom had 48 goals over 62 games.

Now in 2021, Wahlstrom is finally taking his first strides in the NHL. Sure, he had a nine-game stint last season, but Wahlstrom is here to stay in 2021.

He’s working hard away from the puck and clearly ingratiating himself with the coach. But he hasn’t yet shown off his patten “world-class” shot for the Islanders.

At least, until the Sunday against the Penguins.

New York Islanders Oliver Wahlstrom scoring a sniper’s goal

With a late hooking call on Penguins forwards Marcus Pettersson, the New York Islanders red-hot power play went to work. With no success from unit 1 (Barzal and co), unit 2 stepped out with Oliver Wahlstrom sitting in the “Ovie” spot.

It didn’t take long for the team to get Wahlstrom some space and then the puck. And the rest, well, just watch.

If you could see me now, I’m doing the chef’s kiss motion. Over and over.

Wahlstrom’s release has been talked about ever since the Islanders drafted him and today, Isles fans finally got to see this shot pan-out. The release is so clean and fluid. It really is something to watch on repeat. That shot is something special and something rare.

The Islanders have been sorely lacking someone of Wahlstrom’s talents for….years. When was the last time the Isles had a snipper like him? Ziggy Palffy?

On top of that, Wahlstrom now sits with a four-game point streak with the goal. How about that for the 20-year old? He’s only on pace for a 35 point season over a full 82 game season, but so far things look VERY promising for Wahlstrom.