Islanders Concept Jersey That You’ll Either Love Or Hate

The New York Islanders logo (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
The New York Islanders logo (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

There’s nothing quite as controversial as concept jerseys. Especially when it comes to the New York Islanders, it is one of the more polarizing topics on the internet and this specific jersey should be no different.

JamieTrxHockey made the following concept on Deviant Art, and it’s definitely going to be something that people love or hate, I don’t think there’s much in between here.

The fisherman logo specifically is nearly as controversial as discussing where you fall on the political spectrum. Personally, I like the logo as an alternate. I don’t want the Islanders to change their home or road jerseys they are perfect but an alternate with the Fisherman logo would be pretty epic.

Also, this design takes an aspect of the early 2000s alternates that I love so much with orange as the main color.

If I were to change anything about the design, I think I would swap out the orange helmet for the Navy blue to match the pants and the waves on the jersey.

This is really different, and the Islanders would never go for something as flashy (see the reverse retro jerseys that they have now) but it would be epic if the Islanders went out on a limb and actually tried to do something different with alternate or reverse retro jerseys.

When trying to grow a fanbase or sport, you have to take risks. Playing it safe and designing a jersey that took about zero seconds of effort is likely a poor way to bring in a new audience.

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That’s my two cents on the whole alternate and reverse retro ideology that the Islanders have. This design isn’t perfect, but it’s bold and I respect that.