Islanders Ranked Least Stressed Fanbase In NHL

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Sometimes, you stumble across a study that just makes no sense. I’d like to consider myself someone who respects science and a good analytic survey but in this specific case, I’m questioning the data.

The New York Islanders, according to this study, have the LEAST stressed fanbase in the NHL.

I mean, there’s just no way. For five years now, working for Eyes on Isles, I’ve spent every single day on Islanders Twitter and let me tell you, these people stress over everything. Earlier this month, the fans were debating the color gloves that Zach Parise was wearing to try to see if it was a sign if he signed or not.

This is the same fanbase that tracked a plane at the NHL trade deadline, the same one that put up two billboards asking for the General Manager fired. Islanders fans dealt with 23 years combined of Mike Milbury and Garth Snow making decisions, wrong ones too for that matter, year after year.

Plus, even if you want to go with the recent history they watched their team lose a grueling series to the Tampa Bay Lightning just to wipe the floor with their opposition in the Cup Final.

These fans aren’t stressed?

The fans who reacted to being called Saints by Bruce Cassidy by coming to the parking lot to perform when the Saints Go Marching in with a band and chanting “New York Saints” isn’t stressed?

There’s no way that the Islanders aren’t at minimum top-10 on this list, let alone the absolute least stressed fanbase in the league. After spending 45 minutes stuck in traffic on the Long Island Expressway, spending an hour on the bathroom line, just to watch Leo Komarov take a third-period stick foul, you think Long Islanders are going to be relaxed?

If anyone needs me I’ll be on the internet hate writing, while stuffing my face with a Blue Line Deli Bagel and listening to Billy Joel. Least stressed fanbase in the NHL, give me a break.