3 Islanders That May Not Be Back for the 2023-24 Season

New York Islanders v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Two
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Zach Parise

Zach Parise
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This one won't be a popular one.

There is no doubt at the ripe age of 38 (39 in July), Zach Parise can still play in the NHL at a high level. Scoring 21 goals is always an impressive feat, but for someone at his age, it’s remarkable. He’s kept his body in tremendous shape, and hasn’t missed a game since suiting up with the Islanders. The question remains… will Parise want to come back? For the two years he’s donned the blue and orange, Parise’s family remained in Minnesota. 

The 18 year veteran will be mulling his options, but for the first time, left his future open ended. With his kids getting older, he expressed how disappointing it was to miss out on family activities, “They got a lot of stuff going on. It’s just a bummer missing out on a lot of that,” he told the New York Post early on in the season.

There is a strong possibility where he returns to Long Island, given his relationship with Lamoriello. He told the press in clean up day that it was either he retires, or he comes back to the Island. Don't expect an answer from Parise until a little bit before training camp, as he's earned the right to think it over the summer with his family.

His uncertainty raises some pessimism in a possible return. In years past, he's been open about returning and playing another season. Will it be a career for the esteemed veteran?