5 Prospects the NY Islanders should target at Pick No. 49 in the NHL Draft

U18 Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 - Semi Final
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Theo Lindstein

Theo Lindstein is as smooth of a defenseman as you’ll get. A dynamic, power skater who can recover his positioning fairly quickly with an exceptional hockey IQ is a type of player any team would desire. In a draft class that doesn’t have a ton of top defensemen, Lindstein stands out as his defensive game is way ahead of many of his peers.

So why is he not a surefire first rounder? Well, look at those stats. His offensive game has a ton of potential, but the production is lacking. There’s no doubt that he can produce against players his age, but once he plays against men, he struggles to score. Regardless, Lindstein’s traits are too good to pass up. He has a wonderful first pass, a solid shot from the point, and his play away from the puck is elite.