5 Prospects the NY Islanders should target at Pick No. 49 in the NHL Draft

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Anton Wahlberg

There’s a chance that Anton Wahlberg gets taken earlier than 49, but if available, should definitely be a guy the Islanders look at. He’s a two-way center with a large frame, and can shape up to be a useful power forward. In his J20 season, he averaged nearly a point per game, and earned himself a promotion to the SHL. 

One of the aspects of Wahlberg’s game that fits the Islanders’ mold is his work ethic. He has a notion for making the opposition’s life miserable, constantly moving his feet and playing a hard physical game. His shot is also a massive strength which would be welcomed on the Islanders’ abysmal power play. What he needs to work on is his skating. By no means is he a poor skater, but he lacks the quickness and coordination that can make him highly effective, but that will change as he grows into his body. There’s a lot to like from the 6 '3 forward, and Wahlberg can be an impact player at this rate.