Barry Trotz could return to Islanders division

Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders
Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

You can't discount the pull going home has on anyone from players and even coaches. It's why when Barry Trotz was fired by the New York Islanders linking him to Winnipeg Jets immediately began.

About a week after his dismissal from the Islanders it was leaked that the Jets, who have a head coach opening, will be interviewing Trotz for their vacancy. A move just about everyone expected to happen.

New York Islanders Barry Trotz could return to Metro division

But Winnipeg isn't the only opening in the league. There's one right here in the Metro Division. A division that Trotz has coached in for the last eight years. And according to at least Elliotte Friedman, that's an opening Trotz could very well fill.

In his latest 32 thoughts, Friedman linked Trotz to the Flyers opening:

"Several sources are drawing a line from Trotz to Vegas, but I’ve heard the Flyers, who have seen him firsthand in Washington and New York, have a deep, deep respect for him and his work. He’s a top candidate there."

Barry Trotz

Personally, I think Vegas is where Barry Trotz ends up. I have a hard time seeing Trotz move to a team that is rebuilding or is seemingly unsure of their next steps like the Winnipeg Jets or the Philadelphia Flyers. Of those last two teams, Winnipeg would be my favorite. Again, the pull of going home is stronger than not.

But I can't help but think the pull of staying in a division that has been "home" for so long might matter just as much. And if we know anything about the Flyers organization it's that they make those who join them feel like family. Something that will surely appeal to Barry Trotz.

Again, I'm all in on Barry going to Vegas. Their aspirations seem to match his, but there are some enticing options out there. Ideally, Philly isn't one of them, having Trotz in division, again, would not be fun.