Does chasing JT Miller make sense for Islanders?

Vancouver Canucks v Minnesota Wild
Vancouver Canucks v Minnesota Wild / David Berding/GettyImages

The Vancouver Canucks might not be able to retain winger JT Miller after his deal expires next season. And so with that, there are rumors he could be available on the trade market. Can he be of interest to the New York Islanders?

Miller, for his part, has been a hell of a player. He's put up 217 points in 202 regular-season games since joining the Canucks. Including 99 points with 32 goals in 80 games this year. That kind of production could be big for the Islanders.

New York Islanders: Does chasing JT Miller make sense?

So could the Islanders make it work? I really don't think so.

It seems like the cost could be astronomical for Miller. I've seen reports that a first, second, defensive prospect, and a young roster player. That's crazy is it not? I understand Miller is a nearly 100-point player. But four good pieces for Miller seems wild.

Think about matching that cost from an Islanders perspective:
2023 1st round-pick
2023 2nd round-pick
Robin Salo
Kieffer Bellows

That's just way too much. It would take half of that to get Kevin Fiala by all accounts. Of course, Fiala isn't a near 100-point player but he's a point-per-game player. And who says Fiala can't get to that 100-point plateau if he plays on a line with more quality (all due respect to Frederick Gauthier and Matt Boldy).

Don't forget Miller is one year out from free agency. While Fiala could be placed under contract for 7-8 years depending on when a trade gets done for the Wild forward. So think back to that cost and all you get is at least one year of Miller before having to pay him a massive extension. Meanwhile, Fiala would be signed instantaneously for at least seven years. Don't forget, Miller is 29. When it comes time to pay him, he'll be 30. Fiala turns 26 in a month.

So, does it make sense for the Islanders? No. God no. Not at that price anyways. The price for Miller would have to come down significantly and other options would have to evaporate for the Isles to even consider calling the Vancouver Canucks about Miller. I think they might rather stay put with what they've got already.