Five players that could leave the Islanders in offseason

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Anthony Beauvillier
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Anthony Beauvillier

Lou Lamoriello has said on a few occasions now that he's going to look to make a hockey trade or two this offseason. He even specifically referred to his group of forwards when talking about said hockey trades.

When you look at the Islanders core of forwards with a hockey trade in mind no one player stands out more than Anthony Beauvillier.

He's got value, he's young, and he's got no trade protection to speak of and he's potentially expendable for the Islanders.

Now we can obviously debate on what his value is exactly. He's not necessarily in the greatest of form right now. With 34 points in 73 games we didn't see the best version of Anthony Beauvillier this season.

But at 24-years-old (turns 25 in early June), Beau still has time to hit his peak and reach the heights we all think he can hit. We've also seen him play at a 60-point clip a few times now to know there might be a more productive player under there than we've seen.

Maybe it's going to take a new situation to coax that version of Beau out of him.

So as we consider what players could be leaving this offseason, Anthony Beauvillier is an easy name to consider. Not because I or anyone else want him gone, but you've got to give to get, so I can absolutely see Lou Lamoriello deal out Anthony Beauvillier as part of a trade to bring in a top-4 defender or a better winger.