Five players that could leave the Islanders in offseason

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Andy Greene
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Andy Greene

I know you might think that Andy Greene will retire just as Zdeno Chara might. It's certainly a possibility, but I'm not entirely sure he will. And because I'm not entirely sure nor as confident as I am about Chara, I've included Greene here.

He's out of a contract and he turns 40 at the end of October. Does he still have the fire to play roughly 17 minutes a night on the Islanders bottom pair next season? Do the Islanders have the desire to keep him in that role?

Obviously, we don't know the answer to either of those questions, but the fact that we're asking them and that the answer could go either way is why Andy Greene is on this list.

It's clear that Lou Lamoriello likes Greene. It's why he signed him out of college all those years ago. It's why he brought him to the NHL. It's why he made him captain. And it's why he brought him to the Island. Lou Lamoriello likes Andy Greene.

But the Islanders need more youth on this club. Even a 30-year-old, while not "young" in today's NHL is young compared to Andy Greene. So even bringing in an established NHL vet over Greene would be a step in the desired direction for the Islanders.

With that being said. If Andy Greene wants to come back for another year it's possible the Isles bring him back on that league-minimum deal to play on the bottom pair.

So Greene could be here next year just as much as he might not.