Five players that could leave the Islanders in offseason

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Oliver Wahlstrom
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Oliver Wahlstrom

Remember, this isn't to say he's going to get moved. But there's a possibility that Oliver Wahlstrom could be moved in an effort to bring in the talent the New York Islanders are looking for now.

This comes back to the "you got to give to get" ideology.

Look at the Islanders roster and what forward has more trade value - and can be traded - than Oliver Wahlstrom? You might say Mathew Barzal, but if he goes that probably signals something deeper than simply a retool.

I know we don't want to give up a player that shows as much promise as Oliver Wahlstrom does. But how long will it take for him to get to that peak versus how long the Islanders current window is open? If he's moved I bet Lou had the same debate and likely felt Wahlstrom might not get there in time.

Again, this isn't "Wahlstrom has to go", but rather "there's a chance he might". I think the Islanders can get what they need in this retool without having to give up on the promise of Oliver Wahlstrom. But what if dangling Antony Beauvillier isn't enough?

Lou Lamoriello is all in. He's got all his chips in the middle of the table after firing Barry Trotz. Now he's got to show us his hand. And that means he can't wait for the right deal to materialize, he has to make the right deal materialize. So if Beauvillier isn't enough to return what he's looking for he might very well have to up the ante; and that's dangling Oliver Wahlstrom.