Five UFA's the Islanders should pursue this summer

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John Klingberg
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John Klingberg: Dallas Stars

The only defenseman I included on this list, John Klingberg is someone that fits a need that Lou addressed previously- getting more offense from the defense.

That's exactly what Klingberg is and you know exactly the type of player you are getting with him. The problem is his inconsistency, and not so sound defense. He finished last season with a +/- of -28, and has been a minus the past three years. Not exactly ideal in your own zone.

His potential to break out further and score is there, though, which makes him an offensive threat on the blue line for teams to fear. He finished with 47 points this season, a number that is solid for many forwards and very appealing for a D-man.

He can fit in nicely on one of the power-play units, quarterbacking the unit that Noah Dobson is not. The Islanders have spots to fill on defense, assuming that Chara and Andy Greene both end up retiring or leaving the team.

The reason I think it's less likely they land him, however, is his asking price. It was reported that he was unhappy with the Stars organization and requested a trade, which was not fulfilled. It's likely that he enters free agency, but has also reportedly asked for above $8 million AAV. That for many screams "overpay."

A situation that was similar to this was with Tyson Barrie and both the Avalanche and Maple Leafs. He wanted above that same amount before he hit free agency, but his defensive struggles diminished his value. Barrie ended up signing for much less than that with Edmonton. I could see that being the case with Klingberg too.

If that is the case, that's a valuable signing for the Islanders if he isn't signed to a long-term deal. It's risky, but sometimes risks can be taken to try and earn contender status once again.