Former Islanders fan favorite is a highlight machine at Olympics


Leo Komarov didn't have the best contract on the book based on his production while he was with the New York Islanders. But he was still a much-loved player while he was on the Island.

Sure, we didn't like the third-period stick fouls and all but we loved his unapologetic style of play. You knew what to expect from Leo Komarov when he jumped over the boards.

The Islanders would have liked to have kept him on the roster for a little while longer, even if that was just as an extra. But that $3 million cap hit couldn't be justified so off Komarov went to Russia to play with SKA St Petersburgh. Now, in February, Leo is at the Olympics representing Finland, and he's putting up a number of highlights.

New York Islanders: Leo Komarov a highlight machine at Olympics

feetThe first highlight is this BIG hit by Leo Komarov against Latvian player Uvis Balinskis. Leo finishes his check on the Latvian defenseman with such force that it sends him toppling over the board with his feed over his head.

That's the Leo Komarov we all know and love! Hard on the puck-carrier and is never going to let up on a check. And if that wasn't enough Leo Komarov for you, Uncle Leo adds to that by getting on the score sheet with a pretty slick re-direction.

That goal proved to be the game-winner for Finland. Again, Leo Komarov coming up clutch. Which is Leo's MO. It's exactly how we remember Uncle Leo while he was with the Isles.

The win puts Finland at the top of their four-team group with a 2-0-0-0 record and a +6 goal differential. Komarov isn't just a role player for them he's helping this squad get wins and secure top spot in a tough division.