Ilya Sorokin can/should expect from Islanders

New York Islanders v Montreal Canadiens
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Usually, at the end of a season, we look back at some of the players on the roster and ask if we could expect more from a specific player. But for Ilya Sorokin, the question isn't "what can the New York Islanders expect from him" but rather "what can Sorokin, expect from the New York Islanders".

After all, Sorokin finished the season with a 0.925SV%, 2.40GAA, seven shutouts, and finished tenth in goals saved above expected at 5on5. There isn't much more Ilya Sorokin could have done differently. So now it's what can the Isles do for him?

Ilya Sorokin can/should expect from New York Islanders

There isn't more that Ilya Sorokin can do between the pipes for the Islanders. He proved he was an elite-level goalie in the NHL this year. So again, the question is what can he expect from the Isles?

I'd imagine if you asked Sorokin what he'd want from the Isles for 22-23, he'd want them to keep things quieter on the ice. According to NaturalStatTrick, Sorokin ranked 13th in high-danger shots against across all situations with 452. Thankfully for the Isles, he held a 0.861 HDV%. Second best for any goalie that played at least ten games in the league last season.

Sorokin held up his end of the bargain, he got the Islanders out of danger more often than most goalies. The Islanders need to reduce the amount of danger their goalie sees.

Reducing the amount of time the puck spends in the Islanders own end clearly reduces the number of dangerous opportunities Sorokin sees. Getting more help on the blueline is a major need for the Islanders.

That doesn't necessarily mean "get a puck carrier". Though I agree it would be nice to get a more offensive guy, but so long as the player can skate well enough, there won't be a problem for them. Getting a clear top-four defenseman in today's NHL is what they need.

The team has elite goaltending, they need to support that elite goaltending. That's what Sorokin can and should expect from the New York Islanders in 22-23.