Increased trade chatter on Islanders Semyon Varlamov

Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders
Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

There's no surprise that Semyon Varlamov could be on the trade market. With Ilya Sorokin's play last year and now this season, the New York Islanders know who their number one between is the posts.

Again, that isn't necessarily a surprise either. This was always going to be the case. The hope was that Sorokin was always going to take over and become the number one goalie for the Islanders. But it wasn't supposed to happen so soon.

New York Islanders: Trade chatter increasing around Semyon Varlamov

That's not a bad thing of course. But now with Sorokin's rise and with the Islanders falling down the standings in the NHL, it might just be the time for the Isles to move Semyon Varlamov. Who's still a solid goalie even if the numbers (this year) don't necessarily back that up.

In 17 games, Varlamov has a 2.90GAA and a 0.911SV%. According to NaturalStatTrick holds a -3.04 goals saved above average at 5on5. That's 80th out of 110 goalies, so, not good. But again, there's still a good shot-stopper there.

Over his 14 year NHL career, Varlamov has averaged a 2.64GAA and a 0.916SV%. He also holds a 254-206-61 record with 34 shutouts.

And that's why other teams have come calling for Varly. According to Elliotte Freidman, there's increased chatter around the league for the Isles net stopper.

With the trade deadline coming, teams have a bit more space on the cap to bring in someone like Varlamov who holds a $5 million cap hit through next season. To any team bringing him in, his actual payout might be $6 million this year but it drops to $4 million next season.

The Edmonton Oilers are the team that absolutely needs goaltending. Their 0.899SV% on the year ranks 24th in the NHL this season. But it seems that Varly isn't willing to waive his no-trade clause.

That's an extra wrinkle to the entire equation. Varlamov holds a 16-team no-trade list. Varlamov isn't just about to head anywhere in the league. And with all due respect to Edmonton, he isn't about to go there.

But that trade protection doesn't stop a trade to the other 15 teams in the NHL. And if chatter is growing there might just be a fit out there for Varlamov.

Unless Lou reads Friedman's note and just nixes the whole thing. Something he's known to do.