Islanders 2022 draft lottery primer: Everything you need to know

NHL Draft Lottery Drawing
NHL Draft Lottery Drawing / Abelimages/GettyImages

The NHL Draft Lottery will take place tonight. The balls will drop and the first 16 picks at the 2022 Draft will be confirmed from the NHL Network's New Jersey studio. By finishing out of the playoff picture, the New York Islanders will have a chance at moving up to get a top pick.

So here's everything you need to know about the draft lottery and the New York Islanders.

New York Islanders 2022 draft lottery primer: Everything you need to know

Finishing 20th in the NHL means the Islanders aren't in a good position to move up at the draft lottery. In fact, they've got a better chance of falling back in the lottery than they do to move up. Check out their odds of moving up, staying put, or moving back:

"Winning" 1st Pick: 2.6%
"Winning" 2nd Pick: 1.7%
Staying Put @ 13: 90.7%
Moving Back to 14: 20.1%
Moving Back to 15: >0.0%

*All odds from Tankathon

New Rules
Last year we saw one new rule take place, only the first two picks at the draft were in play through the lottery. But there are two new rules that will go into effect this year:

-Teams can't move up more than 10 spots if they "win"
-Team can't win more than twice (from 2022 onwards) in a five-year span.

Obviously, the New York Islanders don't have to worry about that second new rule. But that first one absolutely applies to them. If the Isles win the first overall pick they won't actually move up to draft first, they'll move up ten spots to draft third overall. Winning that second overall pick would see the Isles move up nine spots to draft fourth overall.

When and What Time?
The draft lottery will be broadcast live at 6:30PM ET. You can get it on these following providers:

TVA Sports*