Islanders: 3 Misconceptions about GM Lou Lamoriello

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It seems like New York Islanders fans are always conflicted on some of the trends and moves General Manager Lou Lamoriello has made in the past few years, and what better day to try and calm fans down than on NHL draft day?

Lou became both GM and President of Hockey Operations for the Islanders right before the 2018 NHL draft. He came to Long Island after the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to go in a different direction with Kyle Dubas as GM and the job he handed was not easy by any means.

His first two orders of business were finding a new head coach to succeed Doug Weight, and re-signing franchise center John Tavares. He may have only accomplished one of those as we know, but I think most Islanders fans were happy with the addition of Barry Trotz and their success over the coming seasons.

Now with Trotz out after a very disappointing 2021-22 season, the moves he makes from this moment on will be looked at under a microscope with little room for error in the eyes of many.

Some have already lost their patience with Lamoriello even though he has made some good moves that have been overshadowed by others - the Devon Toews deal comes to mind. Granted, the Islanders were in a brutal spot with the salary cap, and sacrifices had to be made, but Toews is now a 2022 Stanley Cup champion and the Islanders obviously are not.

This obviously is not Lou's first rodeo around the league. He was previously the longtime GM of the New Jersey Devils and had a shorter stint with Toronto, and he will be turning 80 years old (!) in October.

With that said, many people seem to forget about his time with those teams and the moves he made and only focus on what he has done now with the Islanders. Of course, what he does now is the most important thing for right this moment, but some fans assume that he only knows one way to make his team play. With that said, let's look at three misconceptions about the 2009 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee.