Islanders: A Barry Trotz update - Five teams known to be seeking his services

New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders
New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

You didn't like it when it happened and now that the dust has settled it still doesn't feel great. Former New York Islanders bench boss is now a free-agent, and a hot commodity to say the least.

We knew there would be a line of teams looking to reel in the future Hall-of-Fame coach's services and on Saturday night we got an update as to which teams have already spoken to Trotz. On a late-night edition of 32 Thoughts via Sportsnet, NHL Insider Elliot Friedman confirmed Trotz has already spoken to a number of teams:

"He's spoken to the Winnipeg (Jets), he's spoken to (the Philadelphia Flyers) as Jeff (Marek) reported, he's spoken to Vegas (Golden Knights), I believe he's spoken to Detroit (Red Wings), and I also believe he's still going to speak to (the Dallas Stars)... Jets fans are always asking 'are the Jets serious?' Yes, I do believe the Jets are very serious and very competitive but like I said, Trotz has indicated he'll take his time to make sure it's the right move for him and his family."

Elliot Friedman

As Friedman states, there is a lineup of suitors but Trotz has indicated this will not be a quick decision. He's going to take his time and determine the best course of action for him and his family, and rightfully so. It's been a whirlwind for Trotz and the Islanders the last two seasons with very little downtime. Earlier in the 2021-22 season, Trotz took a leave of absence due to the passing of his late mother. He has an elderly father to look after back in Manitoba so it makes sense that this decision will be made carefully. And there's always the possibility Trotz decides he's not ready to return this season. We'll keep you updated as this story continues to develop.