Islanders Announce Schedule Changes For Remainder of 2022 Season

New York Islanders v Philadelphia Flyers
New York Islanders v Philadelphia Flyers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Well, after numerous cancellations throughout the year everyone knew that the New York Islanders would have to make up some games. Well, we got the answer to some of these makeup dates today via the team website.

Below are the dates that changed and the original date that they were scheduled for:

NY Islanders @ Vancouver rescheduled for February 9 @ 10:30pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for January 5)

NY Islanders @ Edmonton rescheduled for February 11 @ 9:00pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for January 8)

NY Islanders @ Calgary rescheduled for February 12 @ 10:00pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for January 11)

NY Islanders @ Buffalo rescheduled for February 15 @ 7:00pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for December 27)

NY Islanders vs Boston rescheduled for February 17 @ 7:30pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for March 22)

NY Islanders vs Montreal rescheduled for February 20 @ 2:00pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for December 20)

NY Islanders @ Seattle rescheduled for February 22 @ 10:00pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for January 4)

NY Islanders vs Columbus rescheduled for March 10 @ 7:30pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for January 18)

NY Islanders vs Ottawa rescheduled for March 22 @ 7:30pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for March 24)

NY Islanders vs Detroit rescheduled for March 24 @ 7:30pm ET
(Previously scheduled for December 29)

NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh rescheduled for April 12 @ 7:30pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for March 10)

NY Islanders vs Washington rescheduled for April 28 @ 7:00pm ET 
(Previously scheduled for December 23)

NY Islanders vs Tampa Bay rescheduled for April 29 @ 7:30pm ET
(Previously scheduled for April 28)

February is going to turn into a busy month for this team. Currently, they have a game on February 1 and then a gap until the ninth. With the added games, the Islanders will now play 10 games in the month of February meaning they'll have a game once every 2.8 days.

With the added games in April, they now have 16 games in the month to close out their season. It'll be a busy time to close out the year as there will likely be fierce competition for playoff positioning going on at that time.

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