Islanders Anthony Beauvillier 21-22 report card: Just not good enough

Washington Capitals v New York Islanders
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This was supposed to be a big year for Anthony Beauvillier. The New York Islanders re-signed the winger to a three-year $12.45 million deal in the offseason after a two-year prove-it deal in 2019.

And while Beau did prove something, it's not what the New York Islanders or their fans had hoped he could prove. After six years in the NHL, Beauvillier still remains an up-and-down player. His report card will show this year was one of the down ones.

This is a continuation of the player level report cards that I started this offseason:
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New York Islanders Anthony Beauvillier 21-22 report card

Offense: D-
Through 75 games Beau put up 12 goals and 34 points. Not necessarily a career-low but it's not really what we should expect from a top-six player.

At the start of the year, Beau was supposed to be a 20-goal scorer and somewhere around 40-50 points. While he came kind of close to that 40-point mark (his 34 in 75 pace out to 37 points), he fell way off in terms of goals.

Not just by the expectations set at the start of the year but by his own standards. Beau cut his goal-scoring rate by nearly half from last season (goal-per-game / shooting %):

2020-21: 0.32 / 13.8%
2021-22: 0.16 / 7.8%

I'm giving Beau a D- for his offense. There was some but not nearly enough. So not a failure but real close.

Defense: D-
Beauvillier finished the year with a relative +0.33 xGA/60 at 5on5. That ranked him18 out of 20 forwards. Ranking just before Josh Bailey, who earned an F for defense. And just after Mathew Barzal who earned a D+. Relative to the rest of his teammates he cost the team 0.33 expected goals against per-60 at 5on5.

Giving Beau something in the middle of an F and D+ is fair. His role was something in between Bailey's and Barzal's when it came to defense. So a D- it is.

*Relative 5on5 xGA/60 from NarturalStatTrick

Impact vs Reliance: D
This grade doesn't get much better for Beau. Comparing his impact (average Game Score rank) versus his reliance (average ice-time) gets a D.

Beauvillier's average total ice time was 16:49 on the year, that's fifth for forwards. But his average game score was tenth at 0.27. Beau was given top-six deployment but performed like a lower-tier middle-six player. That's just not good enough.

*Average Game Score from and TOI from NaturalStatTrick.

Final Grade: D-
This was a massively disappointing year for Anthony Beauvillier. The production wasn't there and the impact wasn't there. This was really close to a failure.