Islanders Barry Trotz taking hard stance with Anthony Beauvillier

Nashville Predators v New York Islanders
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It's been 13 games since Anthony Beauvillier has put up a point for the New York Islanders. That's way too long for one of the team's top six wingers to go pointless. And so on Sunday, Beauvillier sat in the press box as his team won their first home game of the season.

It was a hard decision but a necessary one to try and get one of the Isles top forwards back on track. But Trotz took it a step further. It seems that Trotz hasn't spoken to Beau since he benched him on Sunday.

Giving beau the silent treatment is a hard stance to take from Trotz.

New York Islanders takes hard stance with Anthony Beauvillier

Again, this isn't unwarranted per se. Beau is pointless in his last 13 games and hasn't been executing at both ends of the ice. And it's not as if this silent treatment is going to last. Barry will speak with Beauvillier before heading to Detroit for Tuesday's game.

But by now the tactic has been played, will it work? We'll have to wait and see. It's not even clear if he'll play against the Red Wings. Specifically because the Isles won at home against the Devils, and looked solid even with Beauvillier in the stands.

Although the main concern here is how this seems singularly focused. Sure, Beauvillier hasn't been good of late. But he's not the only one who's not performed? So why is he the only one to really feel Barry's wrath?

What about Kyle Palmieri? The veteran forward has gone pointless in his last nine games and only has two points in the last 13. So, that's better than Beauvillier from a pure production standpoint, but it's not a whole lot better.

But to Palmieri's credit, his underlying offensive numbers are one of the best on the team in his last 13 games. At 5on5 from Nov. 7 to today, Palmieri put up 16 iHDCF (1st for forwards) and 2.58 ixG (2nd for forwards). Stats from NaturalStatTrick.

That might be why Palmieri has escaped Trotz's wrath? I have to assume the Isles coach is going this route with Beauvillier for a reason. He believes it will get Beau to snap out of his funk. If Palmieri's underlying numbers dry up and the production still isn't there. I would hope he'll get the same treatment.

It's a hard stance to take and one he hasn't had to use since jumping behind the Isles bench.
We'll see if this tactic works for Trotz.