Islanders Former Coach's Future in Question

Seattle Kraken v New York Islanders
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The former New York Islanders Head Coach has been in the news recently after turning down the Winnipeg Jets coaching position. Barry Trotz will be taking some time away from coaching in the NHL.

The shock of firing Trotz is still fresh in all Islanders fan's minds, but the anxiety of where he would end up was even more of a concern.

Trotz has had a phenomenal career coaching and certainly deserves to do whatever is best for him and his family at this point in his career.

What does the future hold for Trotz?

Trotz's Plan Moving Forward

Trotz has been a successful head coach in the NHL, with 914 career wins and one Stanley Cup to show for it. It appears that he has not been fully committed to coaching for whatever reasons.

It is commendable that he would not do a job without putting both feet forward in the position.

Early on after being relieved of his duties with the Islanders, rumors surfaced that Trotz would like to be closer to home in Winnipeg and possibly ease into a management position.

Well, the chance to be closer to home was available in Winnipeg and Trotz did not feel it was the right time to go back into coaching. It is no surprise that Trotz would like to devote more time to his family after all these years devoted to the game of hockey.

Does this mean that management is the only role for Trotz in the future?

Islanders Reunion with Trotz

It would not be surprising to see Lou Lamoriello hang up the suit jacket and retire from hockey in the next few seasons. It would be the end of a marvelous, Hall of Fame career for Lou.

As mentioned, speculation is that Trotz is interested in management.

Could Trotz consider a return to the Islanders organization in a management role? The fan-favorite coach has fond memories of the organization and has a great relationship with many influential members, including Lamoriello.

Trotz’s right-hand man, Lane Lambert, is at the helm of the club and Trotz knows this organization as well as anyone. This would be a seamless transition, but could it happen?

The younger Lamoriello seems to be waiting in the wings, but that could also work in favor of a position for Trotz. Trotz may want a lesser role to have more free time and Chris Lamoriello could be the everyday presence in the organization.

It is something that is far from happening, but interesting to consider with the recent developments with Trotz’s coaching search.

One thing is for sure, he would be welcomed with open arms from the Islanders faithful.