Islanders Logo Ranked Worst in NHL

Nashville Predators v New York Islanders
Nashville Predators v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Have you ever been scrolling online and seen something that sent you into a blind rage? Well, that happened to me today about our beloved New York Islanders and I just had to share because I couldn't sit with this rage by myself.

OwnersBox Fantasy Sports, ranked the Islanders dead last in the NHL for logos. Last! Here's the full list:

I get it, this is just one opinion and you're saying Matt you shouldn't get so riled up over these things but I am so we're going to fix this list the best that we can. Starting in tier one, I think the Wild's logo is massively overrated but I know I'm in the minority there so I won't make a big stink about it.

The Canadiens in tier four is just straight up insanity. It's an iconic logo, there's a reason why it's been their logo for over 100 years. I just can't get over how off this is. Florida and Columbus so high is criminal, the Ducks anywhere but tier six makes no sense. Hell, even the Maple Leafs logo (since they updated it) is a couple of tiers too high.

The Islanders logo and color scheme is awesome. Royal blue and orange is so crisp, the colors pop off each other and their logo features Long Island, which is quintessential to their brand. Plus the four stripes on the stick representing the four Stanley Cups? It's beautiful

In 2017, Fox Sports ranked the Islanders logo 14th which is much more realistic. Bardown had it at 22 which I think is a touch low but not awful, and The Hockey Writers had it 16.

Somewhere around the middle of the pack is probably fair but 32? Come on, man!