Islanders Memories: Sean Bates Playoff Penalty Shot

Shawn Bates' Penalty Shot in the 2001-02 NHL Playoffs
Shawn Bates' Penalty Shot in the 2001-02 NHL Playoffs / jsr1034

As the New York Islanders season seems to be slipping away game by game, let's take a look back at perhaps the most exciting moment at Nassau Coliseum in the past two decades. Sean Bates would go down in Islanders history with a late penalty shot goal that would literally shake the Coliseum.

In a play that doesn't seem to result in a penalty shot in the NHL these days, Alexei Yashin fed Sean Bates who sped past McCabe and had no choice but to take his skates out and trip Bates. The crowd erupted when a penalty shot was called and the rest is history.

The game was tied 3-3 with under 3 minutes left, and Bates would beat Curtis Joseph glove side to give the Islanders a 4-3 lead, and they would go on to win the game. Nassau Coliseum erupted and deafened ears, with the building shaking. It was the loudest crowd I have ever heard in a sporting event, and I have been to playoff games in all four sports.

Nassau Coliseum was just different, and we all know that. It really is a shame that things couldn't work out for the Islanders to stay in that building, but UBS Arena is beautiful and you still get similar vibes from all the seats on the ice.

New York Islanders Memories: Sean Bates Playoff Penalty Shot

That series was also one of the greatest series I've seen in playoff hockey. The two teams went to seven games, with the Islanders losing. The home team won every single game, and it makes sense why. The hits, fights, and cheap shots all make it such a historic series. I still believe to this day that if Michael Peca and Kenny Jonsson did not get taken out, the Islanders would have won the Stanley Cup 20 years ago.