Can Islanders get more out of Anthony Beauvillier?

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You might already have an answer to the title question: "Can the New York Islanders get more out of Anthony Beauvillier?" So, just to be clear, the question isn't "can Beauvillier give more" because the answer is clearly yes.

There's certainly another gear to Beauvillier's game. The question is, can, specifically, the New York Islanders get that out of him?

Beau has been up at the NHL for six years now, but he still hasn't shaken the "consistently inconsistent" label. We thought we saw the true Beauvillier in the last two years with 67 points in 115 games, a production rate of 0.58, or a 48-game player.

But this year we didn't get that Beauvillier. He reverted back to under a half-point-per-game player hitting 0.45 points per game. You can see his year-over-year points-per-game production throughout his career here:

16-17: 0.36 Pts/G
17-18: 0.51 Pts/G
18-19: 0.35 Pts/G
19-20: 0.57 Pts/G
20-21: 0.60 Pts/G
21-22: 0.45 Pts/G

Can the Islanders get him back to the level we saw the last two years? I don't know.

Can New York Islanders get more out of Anthony Beauvillier?

For a while, I thought the issue was a bit less Beauvillier and more to do with this linemates. But this year we saw that the reverse was true.

This year, Beauvillier spent most of the season glued to Brock Nelson, but the winger on that line rotated from Bailey to Lee. And both worked...until they didn't anymore. Beau had two productive periods of the year both with different wingers on this line.

Period one was from January 1 through February 15. He put up ten points in 16 games (0.625 points per game). Most of that period was spent playing with Josh Bailey on the other wing. Remember, Brock Nelson is a mainstay with Beau throughout the year.

Beau's second productive period was from March 3 to March 29. In 15 games, Beau scored 13 points. That's a 0.86 point-per-game pace. His most common winger in that period; Anders Lee.

At the end of both periods, Beauvillier's production completely dried up until he picked up a new linemate.

This doesn't seem to be a linemate issue. Beau had a few different linemates and while things initially worked out that success couldn't be sustained.

And by "success couldn't be sustained" I don't mean sticking to a 0.86 point-per-game pace the entire year. That's just not Beauvillier. But floating between 0.60 and 0.73 points per game is what I consider to be a success for Beauvillier. Again, the Islanders didn't get that this year from him, not even close.

They tried moving Beau around to get him going and it just couldn't be sustained. So can the Islanders get the best out of Anthony Beauvillier? Unless they're willing to stick Beau with Barzal for an extended period of time I doubt it. And even then, who says that works for longer than a few weeks?