Islanders podcast: Talking Chychrun or Klingberg trades

Columbus Blue Jackets v Arizona Coyotes
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It was our 230th podcast yesterday, and while the New York Islanders haven't played in nearly a month there was still a lot to talk about. Namely, all the noise made online about a possible trade for Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun and Dallas Star D-man John Klingberg.

Matt and I spend time discussing the pros and cons of each player and who (between the two defensemen) would make the better target for the New York Islanders and why. It's not as straightforward of a discussion as you might think.

Which will cost more? Which could have a bigger impact on the team? Which would fit what the Isles need? Another f the questions we addressed when discussing these two hypotheticals is; is a trade even what the Islanders need to do right now? It's a good discussion on a hot button item within the fanbase.

You can hear the podcast right here right now, or you can get it from your favorite pod-catcher:

New York Islanders podcast: Trade talkin'

We didn't just cover the trade talk around the fanbase we also addressed a few other topics that Islanders fans are talking about:

Schedule/Standings: The Islanders upcoming scheduled is wildly important on the possibility of getting a playoff spot. Matt and I discuss why that is and what the upcoming schedule looks like.

Next-up: We can't have a show in the era of COVID without talking about the impact of the virus on not only the Islanders but their opposition. First up is the Devils who are currently going through an outbreak with up to eight players on the NHL's COVID protocol list.

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