Islanders Podcast Preview: 2019 Blues or Sellers?

Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders
Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders / Brad Penner/GettyImages

The Eyes on Isles Podcast is back with episode 233. This week, we're left with a sour taste in our mouths. The Islanders demolished Ottawa, as they should on Tuesday night but then gave an awful effort against the Kraken on Wednesday. The frustrating season once again comes to a pause for the All-Star Break.

Anyway, tonight what we're going to look at is if the Islanders can be the 2019 St. Luis Blues. The Blues were in last place in January and then went on this unbeliveable run to win the Stanley Cup. Is that possible again here or will the Islanders be sellers.

If the answer is sellers, well who can they trade away at the deadline? Mitch and I will get into both options and what the most likely options would be. Here's what to expect from episode 233:


2019 Blues?

What do the Islanders have to do in order to make themselves the 2019 version of the Blues? Is it even possible at this point?


The second option is that they could sell. We'll look at sales options and what the best route to go is for this team down the stretch.

Down on the Farm

Mitch will update us on all things prospects in this segment.


On the quiz, Mitch will pick a random player in Islanders history and I have to try to guess who that player is based on five clues. It’s usually a blast.


In the social segment, we’ll answer questions and talk about the biggest stuff from Isles Twitter this past week.

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