Islanders quiet point streak points to some positives

San Jose Sharks v New York Islanders
San Jose Sharks v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

If you were one of the few fans hoping that the New York Islanders would somehow tank the 2021-22 season, you won't like this post. Because it focuses on something that's quite anti-tank; a point streak.

And on tanking; C'mon. There was never a scenario where the Islanders were going to tank enough to catch teams like Montreal (0.298 points%) or Arizona (0.308 points%). Tanking just wasn't going to happen.

But on that same note, nor is the playoffs. Going forward the Islanders have to take any positive they can get. Like, can they show there's still a good team buried under that poor record?

New York Islanders on four-game point streak

And while it's a small sample size, the Islanders are on a four-game point streak right now. That doesn't change anything when it comes to playoff contention, but it does show us there's still a good team there.

The Islanders have alternated between regulation wins and shootout losses over the last four games. And while they didn't look good against Montreal, they were the better teams against Boston, Seattle, and San Jose.

Over these four games, the Islanders hold a +6 goal differential (I don't count shootout winners), a +37 shot differential, have gone 20% on the power play, and a 52.9CF%. They've been really good in this small stretch. And that's important.

Yeah, it's not going to change how things are going this season per se. But seeing this team be able to play up to the standard we know they're capable of makes me feel like not all is lost. It makes me feel that - if the retool is done well - they immediately propel themselves back to where they were just last season.

That's what we have to hang on to right now. Hoping this team can return to form immediately in 2022-23. Again, a four-game streak isn't a massive sample size. But it's enough to show that this team remembers what they were.