What could/should Islanders do with rumored Reverse Retro 2.0

Mike Watt #12
Mike Watt #12 / Al Bello/GettyImages

According to Icethetics, the NHL and its jersey manufacturer Adidas will have another reverse retro campaign. That means the New York Islanders have another chance to get it right with the third jersey campaign.

Remember last year, the Islanders chose to simply put out an old jersey. They simply re-issued the team's jersey from 1998 through to 2007 and called it a day.

It was a wildly unimaginative design that really disappointed. While other franchises embraced the gimmick - let's be honest, it was a gimmick - to give their fans a product they could totally latch on to (and ideally buy, because that's the point, no?) the Islanders just shrugged the initiative aside and put out an old jersey. They just couldn't be bothered.

So assuming the Isles will be bothered to do something with this campaign this time around, what could we see and what should the Islanders do?

New York Islanders: Reverse Retro 2.0

The Islanders should, at the very least, get a bit creative. Perhaps have orange as the primary color and have blue be the secondary? It hasn't been done since 2007. That's retro, and it's also technically reverse with the flipping of primary and secondary colors. It wouldn't be a wild departure from the norm but it would still be in the spirit of the gimmick.

But even then I feel that's getting too creative for a Lou Lamoriello run team. Don't get me wrong, Lou Lamoriello is a hell of a GM and I'm glad he's at the head of this franchise but these things aren't his cup of tea.

Ideally, I'd love for them to bring back the Fisherman jersey. I've gone on record multiple times to say that I want the Isles to reclaim that jersey. Put it out there and flip the negative connotation that it carries around with it.

I know that's not the most popular take. And I get it. I get why fans aren't gushing to have the Fisherman jersey see the light of day again but there's a new generation of Islanders fans out there that are willing to proudly wear that jersey. Why not?

We'll see what the Islanders ultimately go for, but I'm not holding my breath on anything creative. I desperately hope they do something different this time around but I won't be shocked if they just use a different shade of blue, again.