Do Islanders says no: Scott Mayfield to Toronto Maple Leafs

Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders
Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders / Brad Penner/GettyImages

The trade deadline is just under a month away. So with that, let's start looking at what fans around the league think the New York Islanders could get for some of their players (either on the block or not).

I'm going to use Cap Friendly's Armchair GM feature here to get these ideas. Before I begin I want to remind everyone this isn't to ridicule any trade proposal or to ridicule someone for bringing it up. The idea here is to see what others - outside of the Islanders echo chamber - think some of our players are worth and if the Islanders say no to the deal.

New York Islanders: Scott Mayfield to Toronto Maple Leafs

In this trade proposal, the Islanders pick up three pieces for Scott Mayfield. Which is a heck of a haul (at least in terms of quantity) for a third-pair defenseman. But is there enough quality there for the islanders?

Here's the return for the Islanders right-shot big man from Toronto:
-Travis Dermott
-Joey Anderson
-2023 3rd round pick

Travis Dermott
Dermott is a 25yo left-shot bottom pair defenseman. But what else do we know about him? Is he someone the Islanders need?

He's cheap with a $1.5 cap hit through the 2022-23 season. Which is always a good thing in a hard cap world. He's got good zone exit stats* at 11.07 possession exits per-60 and only 2.5 failed exits per-60. That's a bonus for the mobility impaired Islanders. They've got a problem moving the puck forward so getting a bottom pair guy who can move the puck on his stick is a good thing.

*Stats from Cory Sznajder at 5on5 and for the 2020-21 season.

But he doesn't score, even on the offensive powerhouse Leafs and he doesn't really kill penalties. What would his production look like on an offensively starved Isles squad?

Joey Anderson
You might not be familiar with Anderson. He's only played 57 games at the NHL level between the Leafs and Devils and has 13 points in those few games.

He's a much better AHLer than an NHLer, which isn't great for the Islanders. They've got enough players who are "good at the AHL but maybe not higher". He'd be, at best, another version of Austin Czarnik. Which is fine, but the Islanders were willing to let Czarnik go for free so I don't think they're looking to add another one.

2023 3rd round pick
I mean this draft pick is inconsequential to the Islanders. They don't need to stockpile draft picks. Certainly not mid-round picks a year out.

Yea or nay?
It's not a bad trade proposal but I think the Islanders say no here. It's a lot to get for Scott Mayfield but quantity isn't quality. Dermott is a good player and maybe if the other pieces were more valuable the Isles might do it. But there just isn't enough here that moves the needle forward for the Islanders.