Islanders: Looking back at three shifted mid-season expectations

New York Rangers v New York Islanders
New York Rangers v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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By February we knew the New York Islanders were likely going to end up where they did. Outside of the playoffs. The results just weren't there early in the year. It was certainly possible for the Isles to make the jump, but it was indeed unlikely.

We know it wasn't just a team issue that saw them fall out of the playoffs. A number of players just didn't have the start to the year that we expected they'd have. So by February, I decided to move the goalposts on a few players. I changed the expectations for a few guys.

Three months later, I'm going back on those changed expectations to see if those three specific players hit the new level I had set for them or not.

The three players in question were:
Kyle Palmieri
Ryan Pulock
Anders Lee