Islanders top 2022 offseason trade targets

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Jakob Chychrun
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Jakob Chychrun - Arizona Coyotes

Why Him?

Eighteen goals in 56 games. That's a pace of 26 goals over a full season. From the blue line. Pace out those goals and his overall production from that 20-21 season and you're looking at a 60-point defenseman. That's why the Islanders or any other team is interested in Jakob Chychrun.

Of course, the appeal doesn't end there. Chychrun turned 24 in March, so he's still relatively young and he's under contract for three years at an absolutely delectable cap hit. He carries a $4.6 million hit through the 2024-25 season.

If the Islanders can pull in a 60-point defenseman and add him to the trio of Pelech, Pulock, and Dobson, oh boy does that look good for the Isles. Look at this potential top four:


Round that out with Salo and Mayfield on pair three and you have a pretty good defensive core.

That's why they want him.

Can they make it work?

I don't know about that. The Coyotes want a lot for Chychrun. Back in January, the ask from Arizona was a young player, a high-end prospect, and a first-round pick. For the Isles, that would look like Beauvillier, Aatu Räty, and a first-rounder.

That might be too rich for the Islanders to pull off. If the Isles can make it work with Beauvillier and the 13th overall pick they'll gladly do it. I doubt that works for Arizona which already has three first-round picks this year.

Now two of those Coyotes 2022 first-rounders are at the tail end of the first round (30th and 31st) so maybe they'll take a 13th overall to add another top prospect this year. But I have my doubts about that.