Islanders top five goals from 2021-22

New York Islanders v Washington Capitals
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Casey Cizikas
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Casey Cizikas vs. Washington Apr 26

There's nothing cooler than seeing a player scoring from their back-side. It's hard enough to score a goal in the NHL under normal (or expected) circumstances. Being able to score a goal while sitting on the ice is incredible.

Near the end of the year, Cizikas pulled off one of those goals.

There's so much more going on with this goal than just "he scored while on his butt". Which is already incredible in and of itself.

First, the opportunity was created thanks to Cizikas forechecking so aggressively that he causes the Capitals defenseman to absolutely bungle possession of the puck. Second, the goal was scored while the Isles were on the penalty kill.

But (pun intended) the finish is what is really impressive.

After all that work to push the Caps defenseman into a panic, Cizikas knows that Samsonov isn't back in his crease and thankfully the Caps goalie gets tanged up somehow as he returns to the crease. So as Cizikas falls he uses his knee to bump the puck away from himself and into some open ice where he backhands the disc into the toy department on the near side. Epic.

That's, just as IslesFix said, the best goal of the year. At least from the Islanders anyways.