Islanders Tradable Assets at Trade Deadline Part 2

Minnesota Wild v New York Islanders
Minnesota Wild v New York Islanders / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

The Islanders are streaking towards the trade deadline with another victory against the Dallas Stars. The Islanders have picked up points in six straight games and won five of six.

The Islanders have another matinee game against the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers have begun the trading by unloading their now former captain, Claude Giroux.

Let's take a look at two more trade targets on the Islanders. It would not be surprising to see at least one of these players in another uniform come Monday afternoon.

Zdeno Chara

It appeared to be a perfect reunion in the off-season for Zdeno Chara to return to the team that drafted him. The Islanders were Stanley Cup Contenders and at age 44, Chara was looking to join a contender.

Having lost Nick Leddy, the Islanders needed defensive depth and more importantly a top 6 defenseman.

After leading the Boston Bruins to the title and consistent success, Chara signed on with Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals for one season.

The Capitals were knocked out of the first round and Chara was looking for a new home.

Chara has provided the expected leadership, but the on-ice product has had mixed reviews. The main issue is that the Islanders dumped a strong skating, fast defenseman in Leddy and replaced him with an older and slower, Chara.

Surprisingly, Chara has had the biggest impact in dropping the gloves thus far. He provides a solid option on the penalty kill but lacks the speed and puck movement to produce more.

Having said that, Chara is a quality depth option for a contender with injuries on the back line or looking for depth.

Chara is a proven winner that will do whatever it takes to win. He is limited with his skill but serves a great purpose on and off the ice for a playoff team.

Ultimately it will be up to Chara to make one last run at the Cup. Lou Lamoriello will be having constant communication with the 6’9 veteran about his options in the next 24 hours.

Andy Greene

Greene is in a similar situation as Chara in that he is an older, less mobile defender with great experience and leadership.

Greene can move better than Chara, but his endurance has dropped this season.

The Islanders have gotten exactly what they expected from Greene since acquiring him near the deadline just before the Covid outbreak.

Greene, being a captain with the New Jersey Devils, has been a positive influence in the locker room and has provided important minutes both even strength and on the penalty kill.

Limited to his ice time and skill level, Greene still provides a solid option on the bottom pairing for any contender.

The ties between Lamoriello and Greene run strong and it is not impossible to see Greene back with the Islanders next season in a lesser role.

Like Chara, it will be Greene’s decision on whether he makes a run at the cup. Even with a trade, I believe Greene will be in the mix next fall at camp. Greene as a 7th defenseman will be better suited for him and the team.