Islanders trading for Evander Kane makes no sense at all

Minnesota Wild v San Jose Sharks
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Just because someone is available doesn't mean the New York Islanders must jump to acquire them. I know the Islanders could use some help right about now. But that doesn't mean they should just pick up anybody.

I know that Evander Kane has been waived by the Sharks and they're willing to hold money on his deal to move him. I also know that he's been a solid top-six player in the past. But there's a reason the Sharks are willing to basically pay for someone to take him. And that's exactly why there's no chance that Islanders will move for him.

New York Islanders won't trade for Evander Kane

I understand any fan's desire to acquire a guy who can put up 30 goals and 50+ points. But there's more to Evander Kane than his production. There's all the off-ice...drama that comes with him.

The fake COVID-19 vaccination status. An action that resulted in a 21 game suspension this year. There are the legal issues he's having away from the ice. And then there's the general dislike for the player from his own teammates.

In August it was reported that "several of Kane's teammates didn't want him to return" (subscription required) because he disrespected team rules. I don't know if you've heard, but Lou Lamoriello has a few rules that everyone must adhere to. Disrespecting those rules will get anyone a one-way ticket off this team for anyone already here.

There is no way that Lou Lamoriello is going to take the chance at bringing in Evander Kane and potentially disrupt the delicate ecosystem that is the New York Islanders dressing room. It's just not going to happen. Nor should it happen. No matter how good Kane once was.

The Islanders know they need to add to bolster this roster. But Lou is going to take his time to find the right guy.