Islanders vs Senators: Now's a good time for first win

Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders
Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders / Al Bello/GettyImages

It's been a month since the New York Islanders have won a game. A full month without a win. That last win was a 2-0 shutout victory in Winnipeg. Maybe returning north of the border to face the Ottawa Senators is just what the New York Islanders need to get another win?

And a game against the Ottawa Senators certainly sounds like a good proposition for the struggling (mightily) Islanders.

The Ottawa Senators are one of the few teams below the Islanders in the standings so with Isles picking up at least a single point in the last three games this seems like the right time to face the Senators. Right?

New York Islanders looking for first win in 12

Except for the fact that the Ottawa Senators are on a three-game winning streak beating Carolina (3-2), Colorado (6-5 OTW), and the New Jersey Devils (3-2 OTW). The Devils might not be great, but they're a .500 team. The other two clubs are top half in the NHL, Carolina specifically is in the top ten.

The Ottawa Senators aren't just winning, but they're beating some really good teams in the process. Something the New York Islanders just aren't at the moment.

Sure, the Islanders are on a three-game point streak. They're certainly trending in the right direction. Their play of late has been better. They aren't scoring many goals, but defensively they're stronger than they've been through most of the season. But they still aren't a great team. As evidenced by the 15 points they have in the standings.

But if the Islanders are going to turn their season around they've got to start now. They've got to pick up that elusive first win. Today on the road to the Ottawa Senators might be a good chance for the them. It obviously won't be easy for them, but they might not have a better chance.