Islanders: What happened in the nixed JT Miller trade that "never happened?"

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames
Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames / Derek Leung/GettyImages

The latest 32 Thoughts the Podcast with Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek was full of information including some talk about the New York Islanders. Right before Isles GM Lou Lamoriello acquired defenseman Alexander Romanov, there was talk that the Islanders were involved in trade discussion with the Vancouver Canucks about JT Miller.

The deal fell apart at the table according to The Fourth Period's Irfaan Gaffar and the Islanders ultimately landed on Romanov. Many were left with questions as to what actually happened, but according to Canucks GM Patrick Allvin, he was surprised there were any rumors at all:

There was definitely nothing going on (with the Islanders).
Patrick Allvin

When Lamoriello was questioned about what went down with the trade that "didn't happen" Lamoriello responded:

Talk to Vancouver.
Lou Lamoriello

Nothing quite adds up in this scenario. We've always been led to believe Lamoriello keeps his cards close to his chest, but in this situation, it appears Allvin is keeping them closer. Friedman did some digging and on the last episode of 32 Thoughts, he believes he figured out what the wedge was that pulled the deal apart:

I think that the one thing that I said Friday in Friday's podcast... at that point in time I don't think that Vancouver had given anyone permission to speak to Miller. so that was Friday night and I got a call today and was told it was true at the time, but there are indications that that may change.
Elliotte Friedman

If this is in fact what nixed the deal that would have sent Miller to the Islanders it makes a lot of sense. Miller is going into the final year of his contract and coming off a career-best 32-goal, 99-point season. If the Islanders were going to pay a premium to acquire the high-scoring forward, Lamoriello would have wanted to know it wasn't just for the 2022-23 season.

So if things do in fact change, maybe Lamoriello circles back to Allvin to acquire the 29-year-old forward, however, the Islanders have now also been linked to Nazem Kadri. Free agency opens up this Wednesday, and we could get clarity sooner rather than later.