It's Baaaaccck: NY Islanders Reverse Retro Fisherman jersey leaks before reveal

Claude Lapointe
Claude Lapointe / Ian Tomlinson/GettyImages

After months of hints, clues, and speculation that the infamous New York Islanders "Fisherman Logo" would be back as part of the NHL's Reverse Retro 2.0 jerseys, a photo of the sweater leaked Wednesday night ahead of the expected announcement on Thursday morning.

NY Islanders Reverse Retro Fisherman jersey leaks before reveal

The initial response to the always polarizing logo was mixed as expected - even from those looking forward to the fisherman's return. Icethetics, among the go-to sources for all things hockey logos and uniforms, called the design "really sharp, modern update to that '90s design."

Meanwhile, Ali Murji, who had featured reverse retro predictions from graphic designer Orion Taylor in recent weeks, found the design uninspiring. "Islanders ain't doing a Reverse Retro; they doing a Remove Retro. Love you Isles fans, but this is the most disappointing."

In the leaked photo, the fisherman's attire is no longer in teal but in orange. The goal netting is blue, and the logo has a white outline against dark navy, the color of the 2021 reverse retro sweater. There is only a hint of teal to be found in the waves.

There is a generational split when it comes to the fisherman. Older fans that recall the stunning change ahead of 1995-96 correlate it with the dark days of Islanders hockey and "We Want Fishsticks" chants at MSG. They want no part in revisiting that history.

But there is a younger generation of fans that don't think of losing when they see the logo. They weren't old enough (or even born) to see it. To them, it's vintage - and even cool.

After first popping up when the Islanders played in Brooklyn, the fisherman logo is now prominently on display at the Islanders team store, Isles Lab. On the website, there is a whole section called "Ride The Wave" featuring fisherman fan favorite jerseys and other apparel.

Earlier on Wednesday, each NHL team gave their fanbase a teaser video indicating that the jersey will be unveiled soon. Later in the afternoon, the teams sent out a second video revealing a bit more. With this leak, the wait is over, but the reactions are just beginning.