What Josh Manson trade means for Islanders

Anaheim Ducks v Montreal Canadiens
Anaheim Ducks v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

On Monday, the Anaheim Ducks sent defenseman Josh Manson (who scored against the New York Islanders on Sunday) to the Colorado Avalanche. The pending UFA was the first player to move out of Anaheim in what is expected to be a busy trade deadline for the SoCal side.

In return, the Ducks got a 2023 second-round pick and defensive prospect Drew Helleson. Helleson is a 2019 second-round pick who had a solid season for Boston College with 25 points in 32 games. The Ducks also retained 50% of Manson's $4.1 million cap hit.

Cool. So what does that mean for the Islanders? Because, as an Islanders blog, this is all we really care about.

New York Islanders: What Josh Manson trade means for them?

Well, it means the Islanders would certainly get a hell of a return for Scott Mayfield. I know the Islanders don't want to trade Scott Mayfield but needing to retool and having very few pieces to complete that retool, moving Mayfield might be a good idea.

Consider that Mayfield is a year younger. His cap hit is about a third of Manson's and goes for another year. Mayfield is just about as productive with 75 points since 2017-18 to Manson's 78 points in the same span. On top of all that Mayfield has twice the post-season experience where his physical style shines.

The Islanders can easily get a first-round pick for Scott Mayfield and likely a little more considering what just went to Anaheim for Manson.

Again, the Isles don't want to move Mayfield, but they don't really have enough in the cupboard to pull in the pieces they're looking at to complete the retool.

Now the question is if Mayfield is traded, will the Islanders be able to replace him? There isn't a clear 1:1 replacement in the system.

Parker Wotherspoon, an Islanders pick from the 2015 draft, seems to be able to play the same role that Mayfield plays, but he shoots left. Grant Hutton, undrafted but signed by the Isles as an NCAA free agent, isn't quite as physical as Mayfield but has that important right shot.

If the market gives the Isles a first for Mayfield (and it should) that's a huge piece they can use to make a move for a top-four D or a top-line winger.