Latest playoff controversy benefited and burned Islanders in 2019

Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders
Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The latest playoff controversy was a Cale Makar goal that was allowed to count despite it looking like the play was well offsides. It's caused quite the stir around the league no matter anyone's allegiances. And look, the New York Islanders have been there before.

I had forgotten about these specific plays until this morning. I had a thought stuck in the back of my head saying: "Didn't this happen to Kuhnhackl?" Sure enough, it did. Twice.

New York Islanders benefited and burned from controversial offsides rule

Back in 2019, Tom Kuhnhackl scored this goal against the Washington Capitals. A goal that even Tom Kuhnhackl thought was offsides.

Notice how Leo Komarov was still in the Capitals end when Kuhnhackl enters the zone? But, just like Cale Makar, Kuhnhackl isn't "in possession" of the puck as he enters the zone. And that's perfectly fine according to the official rules:

"A player actually controlling the puck who shall cross the line ahead of the puck shall not be considered “off-side,” provided he had possession and control of the puck prior to his skates crossing the leading edge of the blue line. "

NHL Rulebook Rule 83.1

So it was a good goal. Something that frustrated the Capitals much like I'm sure it's frustrating Edmonton Oilers fans now.

Later that same year, just about two months later the Isles were on the frustrated end of the stick.

The opening game of the 2019 playoff for the Islanders. The Isles were in the post-season with home-ice advantage after everyone laughed at their chances of putting a winning season together. A full 33 seconds into the game Tom Kuhnhackl races off the bench and rips a shot glove-high past Tristan Jarry.

It might seem like Kuhnhackl isn't technically in possession of the puck here, but he does make a slight touch on the puck while Martin is still trying to get to the bench. That's enough to warrant the goal being offsides.

Calling back that goal was a tough way to start the playoffs for the Isles. The Isles would of course win the game in overtime thanks to Josh Bailey. But we understand where the Oilers are coming from.