Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman Criticises Islanders New Arena

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Oh, the drama between Nassau County politicians and the New York Islanders just will never end I guess. I thought that would be all over with, once the Islanders moved into their new building in Elmont earlier this year, but apparently, that's not the case.

The incoming Nassau County Executive, Bruce Blakeman criticised the new UBS Arena in regards to the people of Elmont.

"This is a state operation. If this was the Town of Hempstead that controlled it, this town board would never let the Islanders move in and open that arena without a parking garage being open. I think the state did a real injustice to the people of Elmont."
Bruce Blakeman

While the arena has a couple of hiccups, mainly parking at the moment, this comment just comes off as so tone deaf. I mean, Nassau politicians essentially forced them out of the building that they then wanted them to inhabit after making them leave in the first place. It makes no sense.

The issues have gone back for years, whether it was the failed Lighthouse Project, or the referendum vote, seemingly however possible the politicians got involved and made life harder for this team instead of easier.

Naturally, Islanders fans had some pretty good reactions to this quote after everything the team has been through over the years. I'll share the appropriate ones but you can find some much more heated ones on Twitter.

It doesn't matter, the building is already built and there's nothing that can be done about it now but instead of celebrating the fact that the team has a beautiful new arena and is able to stay on Long Island there is complaints from the people who made it difficult to begin with. Oh, the irony.